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NetworkDriver Object

The NetworkDriver further extends the GenericDriver objects and adds "network device" specific logic. Chiefly, the NetworkDrivers have the concept of "privilege levels" -- levels such as "exec", "privilege-exec", and "configuration" in Cisco parlance.


  • All BaseDriver/GenericDriver arguments plus...
  • privilege_levels: Dict of privilege levels for a given platform
  • default_desired_privilege_level: string of name of default desired priv, this is the priv level that is generally used to disable paging/set terminal width and things like that upon first login, and is also the priv level scrapli will try to acquire for normal "command" operations (send_command, send_commands)
  • auth_secondary: password to use for secondary authentication (enable)
  • failed_when_contains: list of strings that indicate a command/configuration has failed
  • textfsm_platform: string name of platform to use for textfsm parsing
  • genie_platform: string name of platform to use for genie parsing


  • None


  • N/A