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Thank You!

Thank you to the following people who have made contributions other than (and maybe in addition to) code that have helped make scrapli what it is!

  • Kevin Landreth for helping with the vision for the system transport driver , and putting up with lots of annoying Slack messages while troubleshooting things
  • Dmitry Figol for really helpful guidance on how best to build the API/overall structure of things very early on, and continued support/guidance
  • Javin Craig for very early testing help and extra eyes on loads of readme/docs
  • John (IPvZero) McGovern for loads of testing, encouraging the nornir plugin along, and lots of great discussions
  • Ryan Bradshaw for early testing and discussions on disabling paging, dealing with interactive inputs, and making the paramiko/ssh2-python transports plugins
  • Eric Tedor for some interesting and challenging use cases that helped to improve some of the prompt matching decisions
  • Ron Frederick for building the very awesome asyncssh library!
  • Brett Canter for building the very first scrapli_community platform! (ruckus_fastiron)
  • Alex Lardschneider for great conversation, many contributions to scrapli_community, and helping to improve various pieces of scrapli with great testing and troubleshooting!
  • Marion for loads of testing hard to track down issues with the async transports!
  • Roman Dodin for inspiration to make the docs much better and for adding the doc testing to keep them looking good!

The following people have helped identify and report bugs in scrapli, thank you all!