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Thanks for thinking about contributing! Contributions are not expected, but are quite welcome.

Contributions of all kinds are welcomed -- typos, doc updates, adding examples, bug fixes, and feature adds.

Some notes on contributing:

  • Please open a GitHub discussion topic for any potential feature adds/changes to discuss them prior to opening a PR, this way everyone has a chance to chime in and make sure we're all on the same page!
  • Please open an issue to discuss any bugs/bug fixes prior to opening a PR.
  • Once we all have discussed any adds/changes, pull requests are very much welcome and appreciated!
  • All PRs should pass tests/CI linting -- checkout the Makefile for some shortcuts for linting and testing.
  • Please include tests! Even simple/basic tests are better than nothing -- it helps make sure changes in the future don't break functionality or make things act in unexpected ways!